I love writing letters. I want to write a letter to you, too.
Every so often I get the urge to connect and share what's been keeping me busy with my readers, so once in a while I'll churn out a nice, juicy letter about some of the projects I've been working on, some of the stuff that's been on my mind lately, and what's going on behind the scenes on the blog.

These are not blog posts (although they are full of bloggy-goodness). This is exclusive content, delivered right to your inbox to my best internet peeps.

If you want to get busy in your inbox too, sign up using the form below and I promise to be the best pen pal ever and never spam you. Maybe I'll even throw in a little baking eye candy to sweeten the deal.

And remember, if a bi-monthly newsletter doesn't keep you busy enough, I'm blogging about all of the stuff I love weekly on my blog, Keeping Busy with B.
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